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New Books
Characters & viewpoint
Girls on the line
You don
No slam dunk
Past tense : a Jack Reacher novel
Kingdom of the blazing phoenix
A Christmas revelation : a novel
The colors of all the cattle
Heads you win
Last seen
Noel stranger
The cat who ate Christmas
Father Christmas and me
Winter is here
A story like the wind
Wyoming legend
Let the people see : the story of Emmett Till
The wren hunt
Dark sacred night
Diary of a wimpy kid : the meltdown
Escape from Egypt!
Cook like a pro
Kingdom of ash
Street freaks
The fox
Wind rider : tales of a new world
Carols and chaos
I am small
Dragons in a bag
Cada suspiro
If you ever want to bring a pirate to meet Santa, don
The Thorn Queen : a novel
Island war
The seclusion
The reckoning
Potty time!