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New Books
The 19th Christmas
What happens in paradise : a novel
Blood sugar
Pursuit : a novel of suspense
The giver of stars
The who was? history of the world
Harry Potter and the goblet of fire
What was the Berlin Wall?
Jim Henson
Full throttle : stories
Antoni Gaudi, 1852-1926 : from nature to architecture
No judgments : a novel
Takes one to know one
Never touch a polar bear!
Who was Mister Rogers?
The secret spiral of Swamp Kid : a graphic novel
The shape of night : a novel
Quantum : a thriller
Empire of lies
Bloody genius
A Mrs. Miracle Christmas : a novel
What Rose forgot
Rusty Brown
Spirit of the season
An unorthodox match
Blogging for dummies : a Wiley brand
The water dancer : a novel
The world that we knew : a novel
The Dutch house : a novel
Met her match
The stalking
The shadow king : a novel
Make it scream, make it burn : essays
Permanent Record
Strangers she knows