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Pelican Point [large print]
The summer nanny [large print]
Tailspin [large print]
Adjustment day [large print]
They come in all colors [large print]
Toucan keep a secret [large print]
Go ask Fannie [large print]
Texas Ranger [large print]
Come home to me [large print]
Charmed bones [large print]
Less [large print] : a novel
The optimist
The wedding sisters [large print]
Ser agradecido [large print]
Pale as death [large print]
Baby teeth [large print]
The money shot [large print]
Paradox [large print]
Raymie nightingale [large print]
The Late Bloomers
Our house [large print]
Stay hidden [large print]
Say you
The kiss quotient [large print]
The woman in the woods [large print]
The patchwork bride [large print]
Chariot on the mountain [large print]
A fatal collection [large print]
An unwanted guest [large print]
Calamity at the Continental Club [large print]
Instant gratification [large print]
The Washington decree [large print] : a novel
The Tuscan child [large print]
Bound by duty [large print]
Mission to protect[large print]
A double life [large print] : a novel
Comic sans murder [large print]
The masterpiece [large print]