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The timepiece [large print]
The Guardians [large print]
The 19th Christmas [large print]
Word to the wise [large print]
Bark of night [large print]
Turbulence [large print]
Bloody genius [large print]
The Russian [large print]
Spirit of the season [large print]
Met her match [large print]
Half empty [large print]
Entangled [large print]
A single thread [large print]
The floating Feldmans [large print]
The stranger inside [large print]
Whisper network [large print]
The long call [large print]
Waisted [large print] : a novel
Quantum [large print]: a thriller
Nothing ventured [large print]
The Institute [large print]
The lying room [large print]: a novel
Sins of the fathers [large print]
Park Avenue summer [large print]
The water dancer [large print]